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QT Deployment IV – Generating a .deb package with CPack

In the previous post I demonstrated how to deploy with terminal commands and it’s a primitive way not an automated one. This time it’s time to use CPack utility of CMake to create our own deployable .deb package. You can get sample project from GitHub repository. Setting CMakeLists.txt Let’s open up our favorite editor or QT Creator IDE to edit CMakeLists.txt file. I’ll add a project version to display below...


QT Deployment III – Generating a .deb package with Terminal command

It’s the 3rd chapter of deployment series. Why do you want to have a deb packaging? Well, it gives upgradability, integration and packaging related with your file system. You can add it to your ppa and call with apt install command. It’s the legacy version of packaging. This chapter’s content files are added to GitHub Repository. In first two chapters I’ve demonstrated to create with Qt’s installer framework option. This...


QT Deployment II – CMake for Automation

Matter of CMake In previous blog post I’ve created a QT Quick application with CMake. It was not pointless. CMake allows us to call post build functions and template management. Post build means when you create your target, I mean your binary is created you can call some functions or do some operations. Template management is another story. Imagine a workspace with more than one developer. Everyone has different file...