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QML Dynamic Component Destroy/Create with WebEngineView

In this topic I’ll show how to create and destroy components dynamically on QML with JavaScript for WebEngineView. Sample project code can be accessed from my GitHub repository. First of all I want to talk about Qt’ s WebEngine. It’s your in app web browser which uses The Chromium Project. Nowadays it is possible to notice web pages are popped out via apps in app screen (mostly mobile apps use...


Extending QML's Component with C++

So this post is about to extend Qt’s QML components. I was in the need of a few extra features for QML’s TextArea component like getting the width of last line from wrapped text and it is not possible with TextArea. So I decided to derive my own class from TextArea’s class and keep going on to my way. But it was kind of possible too. I decided to make...


Camera Calibration with OpenCV

This post is about distortions and to undistort them and calibrating your camera with matrices. OpenCV has many great weapons in it’s own arsenal one of them is calib3d. My intent is to share a block of code and explain it to you. May be I feed this post with my own repository for you. I’m listing general steps in my own flow: Printing a chessboard image is a must....